Created by a pharmacist in 2013, Bluepoint Wellness of CT was founded on the principle and commitment to providing medication-related care for the purpose of achieving outcomes that improve patient’s quality of life. Our team of experts work together to ensure that you receive the best possible patient experience and treatment options. We listen to our patients, empathize with our patients, and educate our patients.

The VISION is striving to be a leader in the dispensing of medical cannabis by focusing on patient experience, education and outcomes.

Our MISSION is to enhance the quality of life of patients we serve with a commitment to excellence in a professional, safe and responsible clinical setting. Our goal is to offer quality medicines and innovative services while maintaining the highest level of patient satisfaction. We’re knowledgeable and compassionate professionals who focus on the individuality of each patient’s need.

New Location Bluepoint Wellness of Westport


We demonstrate our commitment to the highest level of care by providing a caring and supportive environment for patients and caregivers.

We strive to seek better and more efficient ways to improve patient experiences.

We demonstrate and follow a commitment to honesty, confidentiality and respect.

Patient Centered
Putting the patient first and looking out for their best interest.

We strive to exceed patient expectations for comfort and convenience.

Patient Testimonials

“The staff at Bluepoint have helped me reduce my medications by half already! They explain the products specific to my needs. With PTSD and anxiety I was so grateful to find the staff very kind. MMP has changed my life! Thanks BP!” – Catherine

“The staff is always smiling, happy and friendly, and so are their patients! I forgot an appt once, and they even called ME to make sure I was OK, and fit me in the very next day! Can’t say enough about the professionalism, friendliness and knowledge of the helpful staff. They really DO put their patients first!” – Walter

“This business should be a model for all. The staff is so helpful and transparent. They stand by their motto of happy healthy and well. Professional, Comfortable, Completely convenient” – Heather

“Absolute friendliest atmosphere. Everyone at Bluepoint is there to help you, inform you, answer any question and they all make you feel very comfortable. Happy place for me, not going anywhere else. Best!”

“Have been using this dispensary for almost 2 years. They recently moved and the new office is very comforting and relaxing. Also much larger than the original location. The entire staff is knowledgeable and have been very helpful in tracking down strains that would work for my PTSD symptoms (anxiety, depression). On top of helping to educate me on terpenes, cannabinoids, and CBGs, they have also been excellent at communicating my needs to the grow facilities. It has changed my life for the better and I’m happy to say this is the only prescription I’m currently on. Thank you Bluepoint Wellness!”

Bluepoint Wellness is such a high point in my life. Everyone is always so kind and helpful. Their product helps me immensely!
Thank you so much for ALWAYS being AMAZING!” – Maggie

“Bluepoint Wellness has moved to a new & amazing, ginormous & beautiful location!! WOW!!  Expansive space, including huge sun-filled lobby/wait area — could fit 100s!  Multiple registers to accommodate multiple client-patients simultaneously. Larger, private office space for the administrative team, who is so warm + kind, while maintaining such impressive professionalism –> fine line/difficult balance not often found, unfortunately. Private pharmacists’ office spaces (yet another impressive + knowledgeable, warm + kind team that owner, Nick has grown as business grows) Huge, growing inventory with TONS of new products New, improved website, w/convenient, easier online ordering. All new, extended hours! I call Bluepoint “my happy place” because nowhere else am I so welcome, in a judgment-free zone where my every question is answered knowledgeably, concisely, professionally, and warmly. I really feel like they’ve ‘got my back’ when helping me chose the medications best-suited for me, individually. I have never left BP Wellness w/anything but the biggest joker’esque smile on my face — & I can’t imagine having this incredible trust anywhere else!”

 “I inquired about the medical marijuana card the first day the state approved it. I was in the very last toll crash on I95 back in ’83. The Stratford crash killed 5 people, 3 weeks later we got hit in the Norwalk toll by an 18-wheeler doing 65mph. I have had wicked back problems ever since. Then I made the pain worse with my upholstering occupation. I was maxed out on morphine for over 10 years. I went through withdrawal twice. Now, with the help from Bluepoint Wellness, I am only taking tramadol low grade pain killer. They have helped me tremendously. I am living a much more normal life. Thanks!” –  Stan A

“Our mother had suffered from chronic pain for more than five years. Traditional painkillers were either ineffective, produced adverse side effects, or interfered with sleep. We read up on medical marijuana, talked to our doctor, and applied to the state of CT for a temporary certificate. On receipt of the certificate, we made an appointment with Bluepoint Wellness and arrived with a mixture of anxiety and cautious optimism. The doctor was thorough, reassuring, thoughtful and caring, while answering our questions. She then helped us review the CBD/THC options and the range of delivery mechanisms. We went home more confident in our choice, and our mother boldly took her first cannabis medication. We are pleased to report that she has been feeling better, her appetite and digestion have improved, her pain levels are much reduced, and her exercise and activity levels are boosted. We recommend that fellow pain-sufferers consider Bluepoint Wellness and cannabis treatments as a valid and effective option.” – A Pleased Caregiver!

“I was able to go off my ADHD & anxiety/depression meds using only CBD cartridges & flower, and using other flower night routines as well. I have never felt better or have never had a medication help me this much. Made my life so much better! Thank you Bluepoint staff” –Kathryn P

“I have nothing but good and great things to say about bluepoint. You grow up being taught  that flower or anything to do with flower is a bad thing & that it’s a gateway drug that is “highly addictive “, which I  strongly disagree on all points. I started with Bluepoint about 2 years ago. I had been in a major car accident in 2003 and was stuck taking pills since then from Percocet to Oxycontin you name it. And when you go to the doctor and all they want to keep doing is feeding you more and more pills. I hated them but what was my option? I suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, severe anxiety and panic attacks. Nothing worked only mask, until I began working with Bluepoint. Within 2 months of being in the program I felt well enough, and cut my prescription of pain medication in half and I continue to decrease my intake because I see and feel how well it has worked for me. I feel happier and healthier. I am very comfortable  and will stay there. I’ve been offered to try other dispensaries but l choose not to. Why would I leave the comfort of the staff and the whole facility. The  crew at Bluepoint have become friends and everyone always has time to answer your questions.  You can educate yourself about it but staff will always help you make right choices as well. It’s a pleasant environment, you will always be greeted with a smile. Everyone is very knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable because you know they are genuinely concerned about YOU. Flower is not a bad thing it is a natural creation which should be put in a different light and given the respect it deserves. Thank you bluepoint for always being supportive and helpful to me.”

“I’ve been going to Bluepoint Wellness CT for three years and I am happy with the service and help when needed. I have been on narcotics for 30 years and have been able to lower my dosage since starting this program.” – Douglas L.

“When I was 27 I had a 9-hour surgery to have an S1/L5, L5/L4 fusions, 6 screws and a rod on my spine. From 27-36, I was taking 2mgs Xanax 2x daily and 30mg valium at night. After almost 10 years, I detoxed from those meds and started medical marijuana. I never smoked marijuana in my life. I would recommend ANYONE to smoke. It has changed my life. I have more energy, waking up in the morning is so much easier. My anxiety is so much better. It’s helping my PTSD like nothing I’ve ever tried before! I speak HIGHLY of it all the time. THANK YOU!” – Allison J-B

“I was always skeptical on medical marijuana.  I’ve only used marijuana 5 or 6 times throughout my life, and I had an extremely bad experience the last couple times, so I though I had given it up for good.  I still rallied for legalization; I just felt it wasn’t for me.  Over the last 4 years, I’ve been dealing with PTSD as well as physical pain that just keeps getting worse.  My pain management doctor suggested I look into the MMP for PTSD.  At first, I declined.  For reasons unknown to me, my PTSD symptoms have gotten significantly worse this year, and finally my partner told me to at least look into it.  Reluctantly, I went through the process of getting my card.  My first visit with Bluepoint, I was actually nervous.  I have no clue what I’m doing, what’s going to help, or which strain does what!  During my new patient consultation, Bluepoint went over EVERYTHING!!!  What does what, what’s best for different things, and what each strain is known for.  Now, after finally trying medical marijuana, I’m sold!  My only regret is that I hesitated going for the MMP earlier!  I’m far from 100% cured, and I still have VERY bad days, but even my worst day in the MMP is better than any of my “best days” a month before I started! You guys helped me so much!  You’re knowledgeable, friendly, and customer focused.  I can’t thank you guys enough!” – Ray

“For chronic pain for fifteen years, I took 80mg oxycodone, six tylenol #4 and four soma daily. Legally now, I take zero pills, only using medical marijuana”

“Since I have been a patient here at Bluepoint I have been able to finally start to gain some weight in the past 2 years. Still have a goal to reach but it is work in progress.” – Shona

“I have hope now for tolerable pain and the pharmacist never abandons me.” – Jan F.

“How I would have gotten through chemo without the anti-nausea and appetite stimulating aspects of medical marijuana I DO NOT KNOW! Also, WOW did CBD help me avoid opioids. Lastly, my cancer treatment included forced early meopause during which Indicol was really instrumental in getting sleep. Thanks for doing what you do!” – Meg

“First time in EVER that I have been able to function with endometriosis adhesion and scar tissue. Thank you!”

“I live with severe nerve damage from an accident. The doctors put me on pain medications then I had a chance to get my medical marijuana card. Since then I have learned how to use medical marijuana to help relieve pain and discomfort. I was able to wean myself off all pain medications and am now one year clean of opioids!”

“I originally came to Bluepoint suffering from severe depression. This place saved my life. I believe the depression I had was a direct result of the chronic pain I was suffering brought on by injuries from a car accident 12 years ago. I was waking up in pain every day. That is if I actually got any sleep. I tried every kind of therapy and pain reliever, over the counter and as prescribed. It’s miraculous, my pain is minimal, my depression is gone. Just six months. SIX months of relief. The staff at Bluepoint is knowledgeable, helpful and very polite. Every office should be run this way. They are the ultimate customer service role models. I had one minor issue, Nick was on it immediately. Problem solved in a day. Go team Bluepoint! Thank you!” -M

“It’s the best thing that has happened to me. With diabetes, chronic pain and insomnia, this medicine has made it possible to be more productive because I can sleep now!! And not having to worry when, if, or what kind of game I have to play to get it. Love you guys & gals!”

“I have been on narcotics for fifteen years due to cancer. Thanks to medical marijuana I have been able to reduce the amounts of narcotics I use….Also the help I received from the staff at Bluepoint Wellness has been wonderful as they treat us with a special regard for our well being. Thanks” – D.M.

“I am extremely impressed with the entire faculty and facility in Westport. Everything is very well organized and put together so I just wanted to compliment that as well. I am looking forward to continuing my business at this new location which helps me out tremendously living in lower Fairfield county. Thank you.”

“This dispensary is very discreet and everybody that works there is fabulous. And I love how every Christmas they have a tree where you can donate toys and gifts to the less fortunate. I definitely recommend this dispensary. They have the best medical marijuana on the planet.” – S.M.

“Definite class act in owner, pharmacist Nick, and every client will say the same. Knowledgeable, friendly staff cheerfully assist every client & I highly recommend for all medical marijuana patients in CT.” – C.H.K

“Of the three Connecticut medical marijuana dispensaries I have used Bluepoint Wellness of Branford is the best. Their location has good parking, the store is spacious and the staff are very polite and helpful. Menu information is beautifully displayed in the store and is surprisingly easy to read on screens in the dispensary. An appointment is required but the staff are quite flexible and this ensures your visits are always quick and smooth. The website takes some getting used to but it is very worth it for a quick pick up. Dispensaries in the United States sometimes have difficulties processing debit payments due to federal banking regulations. Inorder to alleviate this Bluepoint has installed an ATM on-site which is a great help for patients. I highly recommend this dispensary if you are in the Branford area.” – Scott E

“BluePoint has managed to create a dispensary with professionalism and style.  They have wonderful customer service and have an array of strains to help with multiple issues. The product is fresh and the staff is very attentive.  I highly recommend BluePoint Wellness for your needs” – J.H.

“These people are the best. Each and every person working here is caring and extremely knowledgeable. I was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago, shortly after my child was born. I had been taking Xanax for the anxiety I was saddled with, as well as for pain ultimately as I first had surgery, then radiation. I have been given such comfort from this medication, with no drawback- a first for me on this journey. I’ve been coming to BPW for around 3 years now- and I am always direct in my recommendations of it, and Dr. Brown. Medical care in this country needs a massive rethink- these people understand. I really, really can’t thank them enough. But I will again- Thank you Bluepoint Wellness for letting the light back in when I needed it most.” – B.D.

“I’ve been going to Bluepoint since day one. Nick & his staff are compassionate in what they do for their patients. Before they opened I left a message to find out the process an if Cancer was on list of medical conditions and also when he was opening. Nick called me that night and told me I qualified and what I needed to do and when he was opening and he wanted to sit down with me when I made the appointment. That phone call is all I needed to know that I was in good hands. I sat down with Nick for a good 40 mins when I went in, he started me on a good regimen of what I needed. I had just started my chemo treatments for Lymphoma and just was healing from knee replacement he helped take away a lot of my pain because I don’t like taking pain killers. The flower & vapes are good. His staff is awesome, they really care about you.  So Nick and your staff major KUDOS go out to you all. Thank you all for caring.” – P.C

“I could go on and on about Bluepoint Wellness! In January 2019 I had an NDE, in the grips of pain management/Big Pharma. I was a wreck/shell of a person, in more pain than I could ever express in words. Fast forward to April 2019-ish, and I discovered the healing powers of this plant and Bluepoint Wellness. Thank God that I got Dave off the bat. Dave, you dear man, are my earthly angel! You are honorable, intelligent, kind, trustworthy, patient….I could go on and on. I could go to a closer dispensary but would never. Bluepoint is not just “a dispensary”! If you want info, kindness, compassion and someone to walk you through this. So much more than a “place to buy medical marijuana”! It’s a place to me to be treated with respect, dignity, and with utmost kindness. A blessing, really! So, no hesitation here…at all…Bluepoint Wellness is my “home team”. Thank you all and thank you Dave! Everyone here is awesome. The End!” – Barbara L

“Bluepoint Wellness is truly unlike any other dispensary. The website is intuitive and the online ordering system works so well, really well-designed all around. The staff are all super friendly and warm and really make me feel at ease. I completely destroyed my left knee in an athletic match and days after having reconstructive surgery, was involved in a car accident that left me in a wheelchair for a month and suffering from chronic pains. I have struggled for years trying to find a method of treating my pain that didn’t involve putting up with the adverse affects of painkillers like nausea, weight loss and addiction, and am so glad to have found Bluepoint Wellness. Since becoming a patient, my pain is finally reduced to the point of even being unnoticeable at times. I’m proud to say that I’m truly blessed to be a patient of this facility.” – J.T.

“I was going to a different dispensary and an acquaintance of mine asked me to take her to the Westport dispensary. Because I have a medical marijuana card myself, they introduced themselves, spoke to me about their facility, showed me around…and that was it, I felt like I was home. And I transferred here, its been 1 years and counting. Excellent customer service, excellent product variety,  and overall excellent people. They’re attentive, they know there products and my favorite there’s always a smile on everyone. Thank you for your service and your attentive service!” – C.A.

“SOOOOO GOOD!!! I feel lucky to live so close! Upon arriving, the registration process was EXTREMELY friendly (forgot the super nice woman’s name who was at the check in desk) and very quick. Your first “shopping trip” here comes with what I believe was a 20% discount on your entire purchase. How amazing is that? The flower is fresh and as advertised… The edibles are soooo good. And I have had some other fun wax and liquid products. Have you ever tried Weed Binaca? Sooo good! Let me sum Bluepoint in Westport, CT very simply by saying this: it’s the only dispensary in CT that I have ever been to, and after going that first time (been back several times now) I absolutely could care less if I never wander into a different dispensary in the future. Bluepoint is a relatively new shop (CT is still Rx only) and you can tell that the facility has been well taken care of. The staff is so helpful and friendly, it’s almost hard to imagine how people could be this friendly (they must be allowed to puff puff a little on the job, lol) while working. Ok so what else do you need to know? Go here ASAP and stop researching CT dispensaries… THANK YOU BLUEPOINT OF WESTPORT, CT!!!!” – Bill M

“This is my second dispensary since I got certified. The first one wasn’t bad completely! I ran into Bluepoint by a email that was send to me. Check up on it and been going there since. They know what there doing, so I take lots of advice from them and also I ask one to many questions and they always make feel at ease. Plus I love the atmosphere and the decoration is to kill for! So Rustic! Love it….. the rustic look, the people, the atmosphere makes me feel very comfortable. Thank you Bluepoint of Westport” – CA

“Since 2020, Bluepoint Wellness of Westport has been my medical cannabis dispensary. Since then, they have never disappointed! From reception, the technicians, and pharmacists, Bluepoint Wellness has an amazing atmosphere. Everyone is extremely helpful, well versed in their knowledge of medical cannabis, and they make every trip I’ve taken there a very pleasurable experience. They provide their patients with the best medicine in Connecticut, and do so with a smile on their faces. There are the benchmark of how bed side manner should be taught in the health care field.  Anyone who is a new patient, or a current patient looking to make a change to their home dispensary, I could not recommend Bluepoint Wellness more!!!” – Taylor D

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